Participation in gambling online casinos should always be for entertainment purposes. However, there is a certain percentage of people who tend to lose control over themselves when participating in gambling. Before you start playing, it is important to realize that gambling should never be considered a source of income or a means of paying off debts. It is advisable to monitor daily time spent in online casinos and the amount of money spent there. If you think that you are starting to spend more money than you can afford, or if the game begins to interfere with your daily activities, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to some measures that may help, for example, setting Personal Restrictions on your own game actions, request for self-exclusion from the game, as well as seeking help and support from trusted independent organizations. You can take a test for signs of gambling addiction.


As part of our responsible gaming policy, we offer the option of setting Personal Constraints. You can set limits on the amount that you can deposit to your account, lose, bet, spend during the game or in total as a result of game activity. You can access these settings inside your account in the "Personal Restrictions" section. Limitations are subject to change at any time. The reduction of restrictions will take effect immediately, while their increase is possible only after confirmation by e-mail and only after the expiration of the previous limit of the same type, in order to prevent rash decisions. If you need more information or help regarding the establishment of Personal Restrictions, please contact our support team at Limit the amount of deposits. Limit the amount of deposits per day, week or month. Limitation of Losses. Limit casino losses per day, week or month. Please note that the amount of losses is determined by the amount of the initial deposit, and not the gain received as a result. For example, if you replenish an account in the amount of 50 euros, set a Loss Limit of 10 euros, and then win 1000 euros, you can still incur losses in an amount exceeding 10 euros within the balance amount of 1000 euros, since the amount of the restriction is tied to the original a deposit, not a win. Bid Amount Limit. Limit the amount of bets per day, week or month. Limit the duration of a game session. Limit the duration of participation in the game in minutes.


Cooling Period. You can set the Cooling Period to 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. During the active Cooling Period, you will not be able to make deposits and will be excluded from all advertising offers, however you will be able to withdraw available funds. The Cooling Period for an account takes effect immediately. After the expiration of the Cooling Period, the account is automatically activated. The period of self-exclusion from the game. You can set a period of self-exclusion from a game lasting 6 months, 9 months, or 1 year. Immediately after this, your Game Account will be disabled and you will be excluded from all advertising offers for a specified period. During the active period of self-exclusion from the game, you will not be able to make deposits or withdraw funds. Please note that if you decide to self-exclude from the casino for an indefinite period, the funds remaining on the balance will be paid out in accordance with the casino limits. If you have made a decision on self-exclusion for a certain period, the funds remaining on the balance will be paid out in accordance with the casino limits only after the expiration of the self-exclusion period.


The established period of self-exclusion from the game notifies us of the need to take all measures to block your access to your account and stop sending advertising materials. You can also contact our support team at and let us know about your decision to stop participating in gambling on the Website for a certain period of time or forever.


The casino accepts only players over 18 years of age, using all available methods to prevent juvenile attempts to register and play on our Website. The casino reserves the right to require the presentation of an identity document; in the event that a player has not reached the legal age, he will immediately be denied access to the Website. At the same time, we understand, in view of the essence of the Internet and its wide availability, that minors have the opportunity to register and play in online casinos. Therefore, we strongly recommend that parents work together to protect their children from free access to gaming websites.