Cancellation Policy

In case of suspicious or fraudulent account replenishment, the Company has the right to block such an account, cancel payments and collect winnings. We have the right to report fraudulent payment transactions and illegal activities to the appropriate authorities. We have the right to resort to the services of collection agencies to refund payments. The company is not responsible for the unauthorized use of credit cards, regardless of whether it was reported theft or not.

You fully acknowledge and accept that your account is not a bank account. Thus, insurance means, guarantees, replenishment and other protection methods by the deposit insurance system and any other insurance systems do not apply to it. Interest cannot be accrued on funds in your account.

You can submit a request to withdraw money from your account at any time, provided that:

  • All payments transferred to the account have been verified, and none of them has been canceled or canceled;

  • verification actions referred to in Section 6 of the Terms and Conditions were carried out properly.

In cases where the amount requested for withdrawal exceeds $ 1000, the identification procedure is mandatory. It is carried out by sending a copy or digital photograph of a player's identification document, for example, a passport or ID card. On the image of the document you can fill in the number and series of the passport. The company also has the right to request other additional documents.